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We're Building a Sensory Trail

What is a Sensory Trail?

A Sensory Trail addresses motor planning skills and various senses from travelling on (or leading) a pony along a trek that provides new arrays of therapeutic activity opportunities by combining colours, textures and scents of nature with sensory games. Along our Sensory Trail will be strategically planted flowers, trees, and sensory-rich stations that nurture engagement, thinking and communication. The goal is to improve motor planning and foster meaningful and fun responses to help students behave more functionally every day.

Why are we Building a Sensory Trail?

In addition to private students, Better Together Therapy Riding Centre primarily serve local schools and day programs for children and adults with autism, intellectual disabilities, or complex disabilities. Creating a Sensory Trail behind the arena at the Centre will help us better serve our current students and welcome new groups from the community. Since we opened one year ago, there has been an overwhelming response. Building this trail will provide additional activity space to help us accommodate these groups and enhance the experience for current students.

If you'd like to help us build the sensory trail, please donate here:

What Will the Funds Cover?

The funds will help pay for the cost of grading, paving, landscaping, and materials for sensory stations along a half kilometer trek. Any additional funds will be used for maintenance.

The trail's surface is built to withstand any weather conditions for use all year round. It has a gravel surface enabling those with reduced mobility to also access the trail on foot. The addition of specific sensory experiences will target more engagement through all the senses. These experiences need to be permanent installations requiring minimal maintenance and durable enough to last.

Trek for Trail 2k/5k

Better Together Therapy Riding Centre is also hosting a fun run/walk at Lilliput Adventure Centre on July 17th! If you would like to join us, please sign up here:

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